Bosphorus now available as a Docker image!


Bosphorus is a simple custom portal framework for vRealize Automation written in Java with Spring Boot. Read all about it here.

It’s already pretty easy to install, but to remove any issues with java-versions etc., I’m not providing it as a Docker image. This will be one of my shortest blog posts ever, because it’s so darn easy to use!

How to use it

Assuming you have docker installed, just type this:

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -e VRAURL=https://yourhost vviking/bosphorus:latest

Replace “yourhost” with the FQDN of your vRealize Automation host. Wait about 30 seconds and point a web browser to the server running the Docker image. Don’t forget it’s running on port 8080. Of course, you can very easily change that by modifying the port mapping (-p parameter) in the docker command.


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